Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 20)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-7f-7d “MTALRES-188-34-11-C LOG”


Captian Chalser,

I received your communications and those you forwarded from Dr. Fendi, your ethics chair.

First let me offer my condolences, it is not easy when this sort of thing goes on. That said, I have to impress upon you that I fully support and agree with the sentiments Dr. Fendi has related.

You should share the relevant sections of the SRC and MILRES guidelines with your people. I am asking that you create a specialist care team to care for the group six specimen to ensure the best possible care can be given through its gestation, though I understand that you are skeptical as to whether it will survive at all.

I will be taking the next transport window out to the facility to consult with you and the staff. You will have the best resources our people can muster to see this through to an ethical conclusion.

Lastly, and I hate to say this during such a time, but watch your people carefully. We do not want to lose some of our brightest minds to grief or guilt. We have a variety of spiritual belief systems among your staff, and as you are acutely aware, we cannot credential clergy for every one of those to go out to your facility. I am going to ask you to consider having those most affected go to mental evaluation sessions.

Stay strong.

VA. Thorsh
MTALRES-188-34-11-C Tactical Operation Commanding Officer
@ MTALRES-188-34-11-C.TOCO