Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 21)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-7f-7d “MTALRES-188-34-11-C LOG”

To: MTALRES-188-34-11-C.Staff


Today we have some mixed news for you.

First the good news. All Novian based hybrids have made it past the embryonic development milestones and have been gestated to a fetal development process. Among these are test groups 1, 2 and 3. Test group 4 also successfully went through embryonic development.

Now for the bad news,

As you no doubt heard through the grape vine, the first indications of problems with genetic sequences were revealed to us several weeks ago. All but one of the alien based hybrids proved to be non viable at late stage embryonic development. This means group five is gone.

As of 1300 today, exactly one of the members of group six is proceeding to further development. We anticipate that it will not survive the development process due to genetic complication. At the recommendation of our ethics head, Dr. Marth Fendi, we will NOT engage in the termination of this specimen.

It brings me no joy to announce to you that the very short lifetime that this group six specimen may enjoy is likely to be marred by difficult complications. Difficulty aside, as per Science Research Council, MTALRES and MILRES guidelines state in section 14-3:

No personnel, staff or member of MTALRES may willfully engage in any attempt to disrupt, destroy or damage the potential of live development pursuant to researches related to and on behalf of the creation of potentially sentient beings.

Where possible MTALRES personnel and staff are required to render all possible aid in the health and well being of any being which is created by their research projects.

And of course the end of the section is as follows in the SRC guidelines regarding cloning and engineering research:

SRC Guidelines strictly prohibit the creation of potentially sentient test subjects under any condition in which researchers intend to willfully or through negligence, attempt or cause the destruction of such subjects.

Due to the increasing capabilty of the sciences to modify or create sentient life, the use of science to create any subject for use as ‘test fodder‘ for any reason, is strictly prohibited in any and all cases and carries with it the maximum possible penalties allowable under NovaCore law as defined by the NovaCore constitution.

I am taking applications for the group six specialist care team at this time. Please understand that the assignment will be difficult. Your fortitude will be challenged.

That being said, as NovaCore, we do our duty, even when it is hard. I challenge all staff members to consider applying for this team. I will be selecting a limited number of applications from those who apply.

Due to the unique nature of this assignment, You will be required to submit a statement of intent via the electronic filing system. After this initial round of selection, applicants will be interviewed by myself and Dr. Fendi.

Captain A. Chalser

Star of Ashor Proof update

Star of Ashor proof is looking good, I am reading through the book again in the proof form to double check my formatting and fix any last errors.

The first proof I got had some formatting errors that were definitely going to require reprinting (including a manufacturing defect) so I got a second proof.

There is something quite satisfying about reading a book in your hand that you wrote!