Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 2)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-6b-7a “Military Cloning Initiative”

RE: MTAL Cloning Initiative

Hi D,

I agree that we cant go about doing this sort of thing from the get go, especially since the reliability of the nano’s we have now for retroviral is not high enough. I think we’d get some people into real trouble if we did things with full grown specimens.

This also gets us around legislating, the board and civil councils would have to weigh anything that was done in trial and I think that is not a road we can deal with right now. Political winds are more on the economic growth for Syrlia and the other systems in the region than they are on health and the last time the CC met they rejected some of the genetic engineering research proposals.

If this is going to work its going to have to go on at _________ or it will be subject to civil regs. Even so, I don’t want to go forward on any of this without looking to the CC rules on research. Just because this is MTALRES does not mean we want to outright ignore best practices for it. As a result I think Junia can rest easy on that.

As for the project,

Embryonic manipulation is the ideal here and I have talked with the team at Chursus, specifically, we are going to see if we can get the research from Dr. Sinter.

I have worked with Sinter prior to my appointment to MTALRES and I think she is the real deal when it comes to this presentation. She is not career service though so we are going to have to see what kinds of challenges that may pose before we bring anyone involved in (@ SRC-16A-2243) in on the project.

I am not as interested  in 16A-BL4 as I am in the theory. We can’t use 16A-BL4 because it is publicly available. I actually worked with MILRES on a similiar nano and the problem with the 16A-BL4 design is that it lacks robustness against retrovirals. We developed something like it before (obviously were not as successful as Sinter’s team) and it failed in trials due to that regardless of the other issues we had not solved at the time.

For the moment I am going to take this to MILRES uppers and see whether they are okay with this project before we speculate too much further on what kinds of options we actually have.


Captain A. Chalser

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