Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 3)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-6b-7a “Military Cloning Initiative”

RE: MTAL Cloning Initiative

Hello Cpt,

I can confirm that MILRES has allocated resources for the project. Project File is MTALRES-188-34-11-C.  Find the proposal doc here.

Dash C is a broad brush and as far as I know, they trust you on this, but I want to ensure you understand that bringing Sinter into MILRES projects, especially MTALRES is something they are going to want to vet. I think you are better off appropriating the theory than having her do the work herself.

You will probably agree with me if you see attached.

_________ is your TCOCO on this, and the project is pending his approval now, I actually put the packet on his desk twenty minutes ago.

I do not think he will OK Sinter being directly involved. Her expertise is hybridization and not BGE like the primary MTALRES team would likely need.

You will hear from MILRES with _________‘s response by the weekend.


Captain Cirin Mayhall

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