Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 12)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-7f-7d “MTALRES-188-34-11-C LOG”

RE: Lent

I did talk to Junia, and she told me why she was upset with you. I should tell you she is talking to to the ethics head about it too.

You really put my ass in the fire with this Kith, I am trying to run a program where we are shoving CIVIL and MTALRES people into the same space and running on the common standards.

The reality is that I sense a firefighting scenario coming up when Dr. Fendi gets on this because he is big on SRC guidelines as well.

The saving grace of it all is that team 3 has some very solid showings with and because of that COC is probably going to squish the outrage a bit.

For the record, I think hybridization is a valid pursuit but I also understand why the SRC guidelines have been established around resequencing and those sorts of research topics.

Suffice it to say, that by the time this project is done, MILRES guidelines or at very least, MTALRES guidelines are going to have updated rules on the topic, in no small part thanks to your research.

I will be voting for any approval toward that effect.

Cpt. Althea Chalser
MTALRES-188-34-11-C Head

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