Short: Military Cloning Initiative (Part 19)

The following is an excerpt from classified document:

NMSC-1-7f-7d “MTALRES-188-34-11-C LOG”

RE: Group failures


I don’t know if you heard the news yet. It’s about groups five and six.

Kad paged me down to the labs in section seven last night at 0230 because he had been dealing with an alarm in the gestators.

By the time I got to the lab, group five embryos had been confirmed as having ceased metabolism. All but one of group six was in the same condition.

I know you have been dealing with the first four groups as your expertise is in Novian genetics and not hybridization but when you get back to main hub, you are going to have to make a staff announcement.

Please read SRC 7-2-8a and MTALRES-14-3.

As ethics head, I am going to be holding us to these rules regarding the surviving group six specimen.

Althea, on a personal note, I have to confess, I am very upset right now. I am upset that we even tried doing this at all. I don’t know how it can be right that we are creating life like this, throwing darts at a board is what it feels like this was, and for what?

This poor thing is going to wake up into the world with a short timer ticking down from day one. Once she is off the gestator, I have no idea how long she will last, or if she will even make it. Kad said she would suffer from several degenerative neural disorders if she even survived to be born. This was the fist time I’ve ever seen the man cry, the very same person I almost had to censure a couple months ago.

After what happened at delta and what those people are going through and now this, I am questioning the ethical validity of the mission of MTALRES at all.

I want to talk to TOCO about this ASAP. They need to make the call. I cannot remain objective about this in my current state. As for us, I think if we all read the above mentioned material, there is no real question as to our obligations.

Dr. Marth Fendi
MTALRES-188-34-11-C Ethics Head:

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