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Star of Ashor is a labor of love and a truly great science fiction experience, you can obtain your copy from any of the following sources. New purchasing options are being evaluated regularly but if you have a specific request for consideration, do not hesitate to contact the staff of this website.


Digital formats for the Star of Ashor novel are DRM Free in all formats that doing so is possible as a courtesy to customers. Please respect the responsibility of non-distribution that accompanies the purchase of DRM Free digital files if you choose to purchase the book digitally

You can purchase both the physical and digital versions of Star of Ashor’s first edition on Digital versions on Amazon require you to have a Kindle reader device unique to Amazon’s store, or you may use one of the free Kindle Reader apps available for your platform of choice.

Star of Ashor Kindle Edition – 5.99 USD

Star of Ashor Paperback (6″ x 9″) – 14.00 USD