Star of Ashor paperback is live!

Hey everyone, it has been quite a while, but at long last, the Star of Ashor physical paperback is available for purchase on Amazon.

Any of the main Amazon affiliates, (ca ,, .jp ) have the book as well, and the regional price reflects the price in USD.

Those of you who were itching for a chance at the paperback no longer have to wait. Go ahead and give it an order and please make sure to leave a review of the book. Whether it is scathing criticism or not, I hope it can help me understand where I have succeeded or perhaps failed, to craft an interesting narrative for you.

You can find the amazon store link here, or on the “Get My Copy” page in the Star of Ashor menu above!

Star of Ashor Proof update

Star of Ashor proof is looking good, I am reading through the book again in the proof form to double check my formatting and fix any last errors.

The first proof I got had some formatting errors that were definitely going to require reprinting (including a manufacturing defect) so I got a second proof.

There is something quite satisfying about reading a book in your hand that you wrote!


Star of Ashor Paperback in the pipe

Good news today.

I have ordered the first proof copy for Star of Ashor’s print on demand paperback from’s kindle direct publishing.

I had to redo the manuscript in Microsoft Word to make it work properly; the manuscript I had made in Libre Office was simply not cutting it, and Libre Office lacks the features required to make a truly high quality manuscript.

If there is interest I can go over some of the things I had to do to export the manuscript, since it was not as straight forward as I’d have liked. Nevertheless, it was not too painful once I started to understand the workings of Word in that workflow.

The software pipeline I have found for self publishing is something of an effective, if, cobbled together chain; No single program has all of the features needed to do the job alone. I may go over the software that I use for writing and publishing at some point later but for now, know that the paperback proof is on its way and those interested in obtaining a physical copy of my work will be able to do so soon.

It’s been a long road thus far, but there is still no end in sight to it. Hopefully it will lead us somewhere exciting.


NOTICE: Contact Forms offline temporarily

Hi All,

For reasons currently outside of the control of the site, the method used to transfer mail from the website to the relevant email addresses is inoperative.

If you need to contact anyone from the site, please direct your emails to admin at starofashor dot com. Please indicate who you are trying to reach in your email subject line so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

When the email situation is resolved this notice will be removed.

Star of Ashor Amazon Ebook Release Pending!

Well, it has been a long road, one I am ready to hit a milestone in but one I am extremely nervous about. There are so many hoops to jump through with setting up your stuff for electronic sale that sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I am hopeful to announce that my Amazon Kindle edition of Star of Ashor is under review for digital distribution on I know that this is something almost anyone with some time and will power can accomplish these days, but for me it feels like a milestone is in the making anyway.

To celebrate, I decided to put the cover art that will grace the digital edition of Star of Ashor here on the blog so you can take a look at it.

I am excited and nervous for the next steps moving forward, I have had a hard time with staying motivated through all of these extra parts.

I hope as many people as can, will be able to discover this story. I know that I am an independent author, but I have real faith in this story and its characters. I am confident that those who read it will enjoy it almost as much as I did writing it!

Once we get some of this under way, the rest of the gears should start turning again. What does that mean for you? Well simply put, it means the Codex will start running again, and the Writing Blog entries will resume as well. Stay tuned for more updates and links to the Star of Ashor Amazon listing.


Setting up with online merchants

Update today,

I’ve been working hard on getting all of the behind the scenes stuff going to set up the first of the merchant accounts I need to make. There is a lot of extra work in setting up for the sale of e-books that must be done in order to make it all possible.

To be honest, this part is harder for me than actually writing books. I am much more interested in the writing part personally.

This extra stuff however, is necessary so it is something that I will be taking care of. Some of it just takes time and if I try to take all of it on at once it gets a bit overwhelming.

I will be starting up again with the codex entries again soon, but the writing blogs themselves will still be waiting till all of this is worked out.

I will probably make a post or two on the “extras” i had to do past the writing stage because it could be useful information to people planning to write their own stuff.


Book Artwork

HI all,

Temporarily not doing writing blog because I’m focusing on doing the cover art for Star of Ashor! I will be posting the update of the cover art image soon so keep your eyes peeled.

The next writing blog entries will probably start once I get Star of Ashor onto some digital storefronts. I estimate this could take a couple weeks to accomplish. Until then, the regular writing blog and codex might be more sparse.


Star of Ashor Blog Launch

Welcome Reader,

If you are here then it means you have either been invited or stumbled upon this new site. It’s a site I intend to use for promoting my personal creative works and importantly, trying to do what I can to help other aspiring creators through some of the processes that they are undertaking.

In a world where a large number of works seem to be the product of a checklist or assembly line rather than genuine creative efforts, it can be daunting task to make one’s own works stand out in a sea of other content.

I like storytelling and character building. I like worlds that come alive and get me interested. As a result the focus of the “how to” and discussion articles will focus mostly on storytelling and how to improve that skill!

Since I personally find things like comics, writing, and art to be good creative outlets for myself, those will be the mediums I try to aim the discourse toward.

In addition to the hopefully well reasoned skill building articles, there will be topics relating to my own work, my own stories and perhaps those of friends as well. Using that work as a barometer, you can see if the techniques some of the articles present are worth listening to!

If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

Skill building

I am currently in the final editing stages for my first novel: Star of Ashor which I plan to self publish.

Creating this novel has been a huge number of working hours and a significant portion of my life to this point has been spent developing and shaping concepts used within it. As a result, I feel like I have spent so much time creating characters and building worlds, that it would be a shame not to share some of the things I have learned.

From the moment I first picked up a pencil in kindergarten and started drawing rather than listening to the teacher, or when I started my first long form stories in junior high school, I have been learning, sometimes the hard way, what makes sense and what does not.

I have always loved role playing and understanding others to the best of my ability. Once I neared the end of Star of Ashor I realized that I loved making characters, something that explains years of hobbies including time spent in online role playing games etc.

Spending time world building for not just Star of Ashor, but several story worlds, all of which I feel have been received pretty well when explained to people, has given me an enthusiasm to share some of the potentially beneficial things that aspiring creators could benefit from.

Too often I talk to people who say they have an idea and simply never pursue it, or have given up due to negative feedback. I want to ensure that those who are stuck, can try to get going if that is what they really want to do.

My goal is to make sure that if there is a content creator out there, no matter what stage of life they are in, that they can gain the confidence to pursue their creative vision! I want every creator to have a chance to shine and show their talents and capabilities to anyone who wants to take part!

The Roadmap

Since I am creating the site by hand myself, it may take a while to iron out all of the things I need to add to it. Please bare with me as we go forward.

I am looking forward to having you visit and read, and as the site develops I hope to be able to hear feedback from you too.