Star of Ashor – A Science Fiction Epic

 In the far future, the great races of the Milky Way seek to expand and protect their empires among the stars. For Major Tony Karo and Truth of the NovaCore, that means securing their nation’s interests against all potential threats.

When unrest in their alien neighbour threatens to catapult the NovaCore into a war it cannot hope to win, however, Truth and Karo are forced to reach out to an unlikely ally, a leader among those with the power to stop a war before it starts.

While reaching out is never easy across cultures, it might be too much to ask as culture and personality clash amid grief and loss, threatening to undermine any hope of victory, all the while a shadowy adversary bides its time until at last, it can rear its head in earnest.

Do Karo and Truth have what it takes to protect their charge from the threat presented by her own people? Can they overcome years of mistrust and hatred for a common goal? Will the leader’s hand be enough to spare the NovaCore the wrath waiting in the wings?

Star of Ashor is an expansive and detailed Science Fiction experience with thousands of hours of writing, world building and conceptualizing funneled into it, creating a world like no other and characters worth remembering even after you put the story down.

Star of Ashor’s first installment,will be available as a digital print book with physical editions on the way soon afterward! Enjoy the story, Experience the world, Spread the word and own your own copy!

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