About Star of Ashor

It was very important to me to write something that I would enjoy reading.

Star of Ashor is a creation that I’ve spent quite a bit of time making, but perhaps most important, something with characters that people could grow to care about and understand. I wanted to tell the story and share something.

I didn’t want it to be something that felt like it was ticking boxes or made to a template, but something that felt truly genuine. I wanted to balance the science with the fiction, and put the characters at the forefront of the narrative.

Because of just how much went into the creation of the world and its characters, I hope readers can settle in and learn about it all while still realizing they are only scratching the surface of what is available to them.

-T Niven

About Star of Ashor

Set in the far future, Star of Ashor follows the story of Major Tony Karo and his partner Truth, officers of the NovaCore nation’s Intelligence division, as they are dragged into political crisis.

The behemoth neighbor of the NovaCore, The Hil’Raigh (Hill-rye) Federation appears poised to break a long standing armistice with them in a move that the smaller NovaCore could not hope to counter.

The only hope for the end of the hostility is found in an unlikely source, the leader of one of the Federation’s member states. Unfortunately for all involved, bridging the long standing divide between culture and nation will not be easy and reconciliation will have to wait until crisis can be averted.

Star of Ashor was borne of in-depth world building but is not about hard science fiction. Instead, scientific research and learning in writing is used in an effort to help provide a rich narrative, rather than becoming the focal point.

The story focuses on the interactions of characters, the opportunities afforded by some of their advancements and telling a story that feels both plausible and fun at the same time.


Star of Ashor is a world created over more than a decade of time, with detail and nuance worthy of an in depth creative endeavor.  The genesis of the entire creative process started in middle school with the advent of Tony Karo, one of the protagonists and is ongoing even now.

Over time, other characters, technologies and even alien cultures and histories became integral parts of the entire experience, each adding to the world and its inhabitants.

With such a rich backstory and heritage, new readers will find themselves immersed in a world that captures the imagination as well as the heart.

World Building

There is room for almost any question, and hopefully, room for most answers as well, in the Star of Ashor universe. It is one that aims to provide a narrative experience unlike most others.

Rather than building the entire world within the walls of the Star of Ashor novel, the setting has been crafted to exist outside of those confines. This makes the universe and its people feel like they are living, breathing members of a real world, one that makes sense and feels strong and coherent.

Because of this, the Star of Ashor website aims to provide additional  background and world building insight to those who are interested while not overwhelming readers of the novel.

The result is a world building experience that aims to expand upon the world established between the novelized pages.

Character Driven Narrative

Star of Ashor is a narrative experience that focuses telling stories from the perspective of its characters and aims to put the readers in touch with them as the story progresses.

Rather than painting every detail of the narrative picture itself, the prose aims to allow readers to experience the story through the eyes of the characters themselves.

The characters in theĀ Star of Ashor narrative are carefully crafted to be interesting and unique, with nuance and individualism baked into them. As a result, readers will find a cast of characters who will offer them a personalized glimpse into the world they inhabit, complete with imperfection, talent and challenge.

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