T. Niven’s Character Design Series

The Character Design series explores the concepts of character creation and design. With the Character Design series you will be able to follow not only examples of character creation but equally important; examples of how characters can be made more interesting or improved through creative planning and thinking.

Character Design Basics

Character Design Intro – In this article you will be able to get an overview of the basic concepts and the reason the series exists. You will explore T’s motivations for creating the series and be introduced to the idea of character growth through intent rather than accidental efforts.

Character Tiers – Explore the Character Tier classification system and discover how it can help creators make more complex and engaging characters by presenting a logical process through which characters can be enhanced and improved.

Character Profile: Tony Karo – Explore an overview of the Tier system as it applies to the existing character and protagonist of the Star of Ashor Novel, Tony Karo. In this article you will be exposed to the growth of a character from Tier 2, to what can hopefully be called, a Tier 6 character.

Character Design Workshop for Existing Worlds

Character creation and Up-tiering (Part 1) – Follow the Character Tier system as you witness the creation of a new character in an existing setting. This workshop series will allow you to better understand the process of applying character tiers, to create characters in existing worlds.

Crystalizing a Character: Up-tiering (Part 2) – Using the character created in the previous article, employ the character interview technique to generate ideas as to a character’s mannerisms, personality and behavior will integrate them into the world around them. Follow the interview process, then see how the answers it provides allow for extracting the details needed to improve a character further.

The Tier 4 Jump: Up-tiering (Part 3) – The final part of building character’s into an existing world and demonstrating the use of the Character Tier system. Learn how to use the knowledge of your character built up in the first two parts of this workshop, to create a robust outline for your new character’s backstory and reach character Tier 4.