T. Niven’s World Building Series

The world building article series details some of my approaches for world building. Each of these articles is designed to help aspiring world builders create a grounded setting and environment in which their creative writing, script, game plot or whatever else, occurs.

World Building Basics

World Building Basics – Part one in the series. Introduces the three major world building techniques employed by T. when creating a new setting.

The Champion: Character Focused World Building – Learn to explore the process of world building by leveraging a character to help flesh out the world itself.

The War: A Conflict Focused World Build – Understand how you can use a central conflict to serve as a nexus for world building and why it is effective for both interactive, and non interactive mediums.

The Universe: A World Centric Build – The culmination in world building basics. Explore the process of World Centric building and the way that one leverages both Character and Conflict focused building techniques to create vast fictional worlds fit for multi part epics and grandiose multi-part stories.

World Building Master Concepts

World Building Master Concept: Culture (Part 1) – Explore the impact of culture in world building and some key ways in which it shapes the worlds we create. Learn to understand the ‘Think, Feel, Act’ method of applying culture to world building to enhance your writing and world building capability. Learn about how important cultural consistency is in world building.

World Building Master Concept: Culture (Part 2) – Build on the previous Culture Master Concept article by exploring a template which helps apply the Think, Feel, Act model provided in part one. See how this model applies to an existing culture in fiction to see how it can help answer questions about the process of putting a culture into your fictional work.

World Building Master Concept: Culture (Part 3) – Having discussed and learned about how we can use basic templates to provide a foundation for understanding our cultures in fiction, We need to understand how these abstract cultures actually influence our story telling, specifically, in the way they influence individuals in our stories.