Star of Ashor paperback is live!

Hey everyone, it has been quite a while, but at long last, the Star of Ashor physical paperback is available for purchase on Amazon.

Any of the main Amazon affiliates, (ca ,, .jp ) have the book as well, and the regional price reflects the price in USD.

Those of you who were itching for a chance at the paperback no longer have to wait. Go ahead and give it an order and please make sure to leave a review of the book. Whether it is scathing criticism or not, I hope it can help me understand where I have succeeded or perhaps failed, to craft an interesting narrative for you.

You can find the amazon store link here, or on the “Get My Copy” page in the Star of Ashor menu above!

Star of Ashor Proof update

Star of Ashor proof is looking good, I am reading through the book again in the proof form to double check my formatting and fix any last errors.

The first proof I got had some formatting errors that were definitely going to require reprinting (including a manufacturing defect) so I got a second proof.

There is something quite satisfying about reading a book in your hand that you wrote!


Star of Ashor Paperback in the pipe

Good news today.

I have ordered the first proof copy for Star of Ashor’s print on demand paperback from’s kindle direct publishing.

I had to redo the manuscript in Microsoft Word to make it work properly; the manuscript I had made in Libre Office was simply not cutting it, and Libre Office lacks the features required to make a truly high quality manuscript.

If there is interest I can go over some of the things I had to do to export the manuscript, since it was not as straight forward as I’d have liked. Nevertheless, it was not too painful once I started to understand the workings of Word in that workflow.

The software pipeline I have found for self publishing is something of an effective, if, cobbled together chain; No single program has all of the features needed to do the job alone. I may go over the software that I use for writing and publishing at some point later but for now, know that the paperback proof is on its way and those interested in obtaining a physical copy of my work will be able to do so soon.

It’s been a long road thus far, but there is still no end in sight to it. Hopefully it will lead us somewhere exciting.